Trends in SEO in 2017

There has always been a preference on the significance of UX and mobile based search results by Google. Google has its focus on advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Preferences of search engines have a huge impact on SEO and related trends. Let’s walk through what all trends will have significance in the year 2017. Keeping an eye on these trends and staying in line with the algorithm updates will make you prepare to amend your on hand SEO strategy in 2017. www.TowsonWebDesign.com

Video and image content will rule

Over textual content, video and image content has an advantage of providing understandability in an easier manner. Not anyone can read technical content and grasp within seconds. However, if presented correctly, image content and video content can surely grab attention, and it helps a user in getting the exact message. In the last year, websites that included videos had enjoyed 88% more time by site visitors.

Videos are flexible, and it surely adds value to your overall content. Even Google is going to give more importance to the content that will have images and videos. Stay updated and optimize your site given the search engine algorithm.

Voice search is going to grow more

Voice search was one of the most prominent trends for the last year, 2016. Experts have predicted that voice search is even going to grow more this year, 2017. Customers are also preferring to speak in front of their mobile device rather than typing out. Popular platforms like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana are extensively used for voice searches.

Voice searches are widely used to call someone, ask for directions, and read out texts to help with homework. Consider your website to optimize for voice search. For 2017 and ahead of, websites which most narrowly match the user’s query would be able to defeat their competitors by being the leading source.

Powerful content will get more attention

Content is king in SEO. You should optimize your content rather than optimize for keywords. Searchers are fed up with surfing the messed up content again and again. You should use the words in your content that your users use so that your reader can very well get engaged with your content. Your content should not be too crisp or too comprehensive; however, it should be succinct. Currently, content marketing is overflowing with scattered content, crisp as well as comprehensive. In the year 2017, optimized and powerful content will get more attention and ultimately more traffic. Refresh your old content and make it more relevant to your target audience.

Mobile friendly websites will rank higher

Mobile searches have already surpassed desktop searches. Top of it, Google has also officially declared that non-mobile friendly sites will get penalized. In fact, many Google actions have symbolized that mobile should be marked as the default user experience. Google favors the websites which have switched over to AMPs. More and more brands are expected to take benefit of this option in 2017.

Google RankBrain

Google has been functioning to enhance its machine learning, to meet the various sorts of search queries performed these days. As the ascent in mobile searches has continued customary desktop queries, from the longer tailed keywords instead of 2 or 3 short tail keyword queries, Google tends to comprehend user intent and the informal kind of searches. Google will keep on developing RankBrain which it stated last year as the third most essential indicator for ranking.

The Benefits of Lead Generation

There is much about the terminology “lead generation” that puzzles non-marketers. But you can understand lead generation in simple terms, perhaps by trying to imagine this scenario: you are sitting at a trade show booth for long hours, hoping that target clients or consumers will fill out the form that you have prepared. But boy, fewer than you would like to complete the form. You can obtain good leads less strenuously and use only the technology of the World Wide Web, and this is how.

Lead generation is not a difficult concept to grasp. Certain agencies specialize in offering verified leads to business establishments. The agency develops a website – perhaps a partnership with some other sites – to promote or advertise your product or service. A prospective customer finds these informational sites or directories, and they complete an online quote request form. The agency gets hold of these forms. The customer information is verified (there are qualities of a good lead we will discuss later) and matched to the right providers. These matched, verified leads are then transferred via email to the providers with full contact information and purchasing requirements.

Just about any business will benefit from lead generation, but the ones that will benefit the most are insurance or professional agencies, product suppliers, organizations or educational institutions, and more. Research shows that good leads will be even more bankable in the future, specifically for service-oriented enterprises.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from lead generation. On the buying front, you will be able to request the information you need from businesses about their certain products or services. On the selling front, on the other hand, businesses will be given a chance to pitch their product offerings or services with permissions. Conversion rates on good leads usually have a higher conversion success rate than so-called cold contacts, too. This is because these are pre-qualified prospects even before you get the lead.

Other benefits of lead generations include determining to price on a per lead basis and choosing the product or service you wish to offer to prospective customers. You will also be able to select the geographical area that you are interested in as well. Finally, you can control the number of good leads that you wish to receive on a monthly basis and pay only for the leads you receive – this will help you in the budgeting area.

But how much will lead generation to cost you? Price usually depends on the measure of difficulty in obtaining good leads. Of course, the easier it is to get the lead, the lower the price appears to be. Beware, though, that agencies offering lead generation will probably charge a setup or maintenance fee on an annual basis.

Good, verified leads are a way for you to help grow your business quickly. There are lead validation applications which you can use, after obtaining your leads, that will standardize, enhance and even apply a “score” showing the correctness of the received lead data. This will increase the probability of potential sales using these leads. Use of this way of obtaining leads and validating them can potentially increase your return on investment (ROI), and you can treat it as another advertising venture that you can allot a reasonable budget for. Lead generation requires sound sales and marketing skills to help your leads convert to sales at an acceptable rate. Remember, of course, to establish a process for proper follow-through to be able to close the sale!